Emergence of multiple timescales

Bernhelm BooƟ-Bavnbek, Rasmus K. Pedersen,
and Ulf R. Pedersen (urp@ruc.dk)

IMFUFA, INM, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Paper (preprint) presented at Transforming for Sustainability
[Copenhagen, 28.-29. November, 12018 HE*].

*HE: The Holocene calendar.

Earth's temperature (time-scales)

Stability landscape of Earth

[Steffen et al. (12018 HE)]

Toy model (Landau-Langevin)

Multiple timescales in atom dynamics (my research)

Short times: vibrations in local atomic cage.

Long times: collective flow events (avalanches).

Emergence of multiple time-scales in condensed matter

Hot topic: multi length/time-scale modeling.

Multiple Time Scales in Life Sciences (diabetes research)

Short: Rapid up-and-down of insulin secretion rate.

Long: Essential secretion, at low rate.

[From P. Rorsman et al (12003 HE)]

Multiple Time Scales in Economics (Germany)

Short: Keynes' business cycles.

Long: Kondratiev-Schumpeter cycles.

Take-home message: Multiple time-scales is essential in many scientific and social problems. Disregard of multiple time scales can induce underestimation of long-time effects.

Presentation available at urp.dk/2018/timescales