Thermodynamics and
Statistical Mechanics

30-11-11 "Final Golden Sheet"(without diff sheet), Only errors will be fixed

23-11-11 Plan is now updated to the end of the course.

18-11-11 Remember 4. written exercise for Friday November 25 (see the plan for details).

Autumn 2011

Taught by

Bo Jakobsen

Tuesday afternoon 13-16
Friday morning 9.15-12
House 27

The book is: "An Introduction to Thermal Physics"
Daniel V. Schroeder, (Addison-Wesley-Longman,2000).
International edition, ISBN 0-321-27779-1

It is recommenced to have a good formula collection e.g.:
Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables

More info about the main book:
Among this is a list of known errors (As fare as I know it is only errors found later than 2000 which are in our book)