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A mathematical investigation of the actin filaments' role in pancreatic (formel)-cells
Modelprojekt, Bachelor. modul, Vinter 2012, id:445
Vejleder:Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek
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English abstract
The present work is a mathematical investigation of the insulin granule motility and the role of actin filaments in pancreatic (formel)-cells. It is supported by numerical analysis based on computer simulations. It appears that one dimensional motion of insulin granules, along micro tubuli and actin filaments, does not favor rapid transportation, which may indicate a mean of exocytosis regulation. Unrestricted random walks in three dimensions due to thermal fluctuations of the cytoplasmic molecules are, mathematically, more likely to transport the granules to the periphery of the cell. These findings are based on a simplified (formel)-cell model with neglected chemical, electric and electrostatic forces and are not decisive for the interaction between granules and actin filaments. Lastly, the actin filament network close to the cell membrane is hypothesised to cause a small-scale mass diffusion of insulin granules.

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