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Crowd modelling
Modelprojekt, 2. modul, Vinter 2010, id:410
Vejleder:Viggo Andreasen
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English abstract
We look at social force models as a way to model the behaviour of human crowds, in order to evaluate how well these types of models simulate crowd behaviour, and what the models' strengths and weaknesses are. In order to do this evaluation, we implement a computer simulation of an exemplary social force model. In order to create this simulation, we pick an exemplary model that is well described in the article that presents it, and analyse it in detail, filling in details from other articles when necessary. Based on this analysis of the model, we go from the abstract model formulation to a concrete numerical simulation by filling in required details, sucs as how to approximate the movement of pedestrians, how to set initial conditions and values, and how to implement the interaction between pedestrians and walls in practice. From our results, it is clear that our simulation (with the right parameters) exhibits reasonable pedestrian behaviour upon visual inspection. While we successfully replicate some results from the litterature, other effects do nok manifest themselves. We discuss several resons for this discrepancy, including features that are missing from the model, parameter values, effects of using random numbers to generate the initial conditions and possible errors in our implementation of the model. Based on the results of our own simulations and our review of the social force modelling field, we assess social force models and their strengths and weaknesses. We conclude that social force models are not based on any theories for the behaviour of crowds, but are created to replicate a set of observations. As such, any confidence in their productions must come from a record of producing results fitting observations; and since the field is relatively new, they have not yet reached this state. Social force models do, however, provide a practical way to simulate something that would otherwise be impossible to simulate. As such, they are the best available way to provide e.g. guidance when designing facilities that must accommodate many pedestrians, and given time the accuracy of their predictions will probably increase.

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