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Mathematical modelling of cholera in river systems
Modelprojekt, 1. modul, v2009/10, id:397
Vejleder:Viggo Andreasen
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English abstract
This project is based around the analysis of a mathematical description of V. cholerae epidemics in cities connected by a river system. The stability analysis is descriped step by step to give the reader a thourough understanding of the material. A Matlab package has been coded and is included in full in the appendix. The program is explained superficially in the project. The usefulness of the modelis discussed in regards to the parameters needed, and the results reaced by an artificial scenario calculated by the program. It becomes evident that there are some problems withe the current model, due to several parameters that needs to be calibrated to specific outbreaks after they occur. This is mainly caused by a lack of understanding of the bacteria. Some problems concerning the calculations in Matlab are uncovered, which will result in an error that grows over longer timespans.

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