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Modelling the human glucose regulatory system
Speciale, modelbygger-variant, 3. modul, 2009/10, id:396
Vejleder:Johnny Ottesen
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English abstract
We investigate a ODE model and appertaining claims from [PDG06]. A paradigmatic and fundamental discussion about continuity/discontinuity of the phenomena in question was undertaken. It was concluded that the standpoint taken in [PDG06], where they argue for discontinuity, is not entirely justified. In addition, it was shown that if discontinuity turns ourt to be true, a much more applicable methodology in the form af Kalman filtering, could be utilized instead of using stochastic differential equations as proposed in [PDG06]. Under the assumption of continuity of the phenomena in question, investigations was in turn undertaken. First of all, alternative parameter estimation techniques was tried out but with limeited results. It was hypothesized that glucagon had to be taken into account, and models extending the ODE model form [PDG06], was proposed. One of these actually attined enhanced physiologically reasonable model behaviour, but essential model deficiency is till present. Obvious problematic parts of the extended model, that could be responsible for the poor fitting results, was hypothesized for future work. This hypothesis also have physiological implications w.r.t. an increased understanding of the human glucose regulatory system.

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