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Matematiks anvendelighed
Model, 1. modul, 2009/10, id:392
Vejleder:Mogens Niss
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English abstract
This project originates from the question of how come Mathematics is so effective, and hence is being used in so many other areas of the world, other than that of mathematics. Our question regards how come mathematics works in other discplines than mathematics itself. Our approach to the question was through three different cases, where mathematics could be assigned a great deal of the reasonfor the success. We tried to spread out in our choices af cases, both when it came to the way mathematics is interacting, but also when it came to what scientific fields, we were looking at. The three cases were the Hardy-Weinberg law on genetic populations, the JPEG algorithm used for compressing digital images, and a cardboard model of the Planetarium in Copenhagen. Through our analysis of these three cases, we found, firstly, that it is not possible to give a common description of what it means that the mathematics "works" in the case. The mathematics works in different ways in the different cases. Secondly, we found that the reason that mathematics can be used, is also different among the cases. Our assumption is that these results are general, that one cannot find one common reason that mathematics work.

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