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Modellering af DNA-replikationen i Escherichia coli
Model, 1. modul, 2009, id:385
Vejleder:Viggo Andreasen
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English abstract
The present project propose a deterministic model for the replication of the bacterial chromosome based on the work by Mahaffy & Zyskind (1989). The main aim of this project is to examine how external factors influence on the stability of the model. In order to do this, we examine how the production of DnaA and the doubling rate of the cell mass, affects the models stability. This is done in an analytical analysis of the model near equilibrium, and further by a mumerical analysis of output values near equilibrium. Furthermore we propose and discuss extensions of the model. These extensions include modelling of RIDA, datA, Sequestration of the dnaA-gene by SeqA and remodelling of oriC to contain multiple DnaA-boxes. We conclude that there is a possibility for the existence of a transcritical bifucation, which resolves in a shift of stability.

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