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Lang visning: Alle   Videnskabsfag   Model   Profession
Social Choice som Matematisk Model
Model, 2. modul, 2008, id:371
Vejleder:Mogens Niss
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English abstract
The project is about the status of Social Choice theory as mathematical model. The theory treats aggregations of individual preferences over a set of choices to a collective preference of the same choices. This is often used in economics and decision theory. The project presents the main notions of the theory, as they are formulated by Kenneth Arrow and Amartya Sen. As an example of results within the model, Arrows Impossibility Theorem is presented and proofed. To show the range of the model, som examples from the use in economics and decision theory is presented. There is also presented a discussion about the foundation of the theory, represented of a liberalist and Marxist inspired critique. The conslusion says among other things, that the impossibility theorem and the model is often used in situations not included by these.

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