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Riding a saddlepoint
Model, 1. modul, 2006/2007, id:351
Vejleder:Carsten Lunde Petersen
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English abstract
This paper describes an experimental study in control of a forced damped pendulum. We add a linear control parameter to the equation of the pendulum and by creating and using a pendulum simulation program ("pendulspillet"), we gain knowledge about how this parameter affects the motion o the pendulum. Experimentally we obtain a control algorithm that stabilizes a set of orbits, into a small neighborhood of a saddle. We propose an analytical investigation of the reulting direction and magnitude of the control, by analysis of the stablre and unstable manifolds, since we believe this would contribute to improvements of stabilization speed and energy comsumption of the control. Furthermore we conclude that, although this is a linear control problem, The OGY-method does not work for this particular kind of control.

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