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The Droplet Project og How to displace droplets in microchannels
Model, 1 + 2. modul, 2006, id:337
Vejleder:Carsten Lunde Petersen
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English abstract
Interfaces and interfacial tension are interesting in many ways, one of the more peculiar things, which is unlike other things in science, is the thermodynamical dependence on the shape af the interface. When we consider a thermodynamical system of two or more phases the thermodynamical equilibrium is determined by the shape of the interface between the phases. The study of this interfacial shape is a perfect application for differential geometry since the interfaces can always be described with smooth curves with only countably many (often zero) points of discontinuity. The differentiability of these curves is very important to the study of interfaces and has the interesting application that the pressure difference across the interface is proportional to the normal curvature of the interface. In this respect, interfacial phenomena is a study which can be read about in a math book, it is a direct application of differential geometry. This makes interfacial phenomena interesting and special compared to other scientific fields of study. The idea in this project is to map out the characteristics of interfaces, interfacial tension, and their applications. The project is driven by the interest in these strange phenomena and seek to uncover how they should be described. Finally one should note that the authors of this report are at different stages of their education and consequently the status of this report differ among the authors. For Anatol this report is writen as part of the second module, and as such it is supposed to be a mathematical modelling project. For Jesper and Jon on the other hand, this project is their final mathematical project.

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