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Bachelorprojekt, 1. modul, 2014, id:302
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English abstract
This paper examines the role of notation in physical modelling. Based on conversations with experimental physicists from the NSM institute on Roskilde University, the examination is delimited to include the use of analogous electrical network diagrams in modelling of physical systems. There is tradition among experimental those physicists at to use energy bond graph techniques - including electrical network diagrams - to determine in- and output of dynamical systems. As a starting point of examination of those electrical network diagrams, a representative model of an electro-acoustical loudspeaker is set up, both with the notation of differential equations and by means of electrical networks. The two modellings of this oscillating system has a purpose of expressing the electrical admittance across the terminals of the loudspeaker. The methods which are applied to the use of the notations are explicitly accounted for. An analysis in terms of C.S. Peirce's semiotic categories, of the model representations, are being held together with advantages as they were proposed by the users of energy bond graphs. The found potential of icon based modelling tools are put in relation to the transcendental philosophy of Kant and the relation between form and understanding. It is concluded that networktechniques are useful in modelling of physical systems because the diagrams appeal to both rationality and sonsory experience.

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