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Fagprojekt, 4. semester. modul, 2014, id:292
Vejleder:Dorthe Posselt
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English abstract
Chocolate has to be tempered properly to give it the desired properties. Badly tempered chocolate can be a whitish and have a matt finish, it can be gritty, too hard, too soft, and may not melt in your mouth. This project performs differential scanning calorimetry measurements on cocoa butter to try to explain what happens during a tempering of chocolate using known theory about crystal formation, structure and stability. Getting the DSC-device to function properly was a large part of the experimental work. Not surprisingly did the DSC measurements suggest that coca butter before tempering did not contain the desired stable crystals. Experiments with tempering of chocolate were performed in order to find a method that could be transferred to at DSC simulation. The method that was found and simulated, failed to provide (formel)-crystals which are the crystals that are desirable in a good chocolate. It could also not be verified that a slow cooling rate and frequent stirring gives the desired properties of chocolate when tempering at home.

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