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Er dimensionsanalyse Vanskeligt?
Refleksionsprojekt, Bachelor. modul, Sommer 2013, id:288
Vejleder:Martin Niss
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English abstract
This project is a pilot project that examines the difficulties that arise when a group of students solves problems by dimensional analysis. The project puts up two hypothesis', which respectively states that it will be difficult to choose the correct variables, and analyzing the exercises will be tough without the necessary level of known theory in a given subject. The basis of the study is made from a video recording of four Bachelor students from Roskilde University. The participants are asked to solve four different exercises, each of which is selected in the matter of their difficulty level and topic. These video recording gets transcribed from which an analysis is made of the following: Their structure and order, their analysis of the exercises, their choice of variables and the mathematical treatment. This is used in a discussion of the difficulties they have with the exercises while doing dimensional analysis, as well as a discussion of the method in which these empirical data is collected. The project concludes that participants in this study overall experience difficulty with analyzing the exercises they have been asked to solve, and as a consequence of this, they experience it to be difficult selecting the correct variable, to do dimensional analysis. Also the conclusion indicates that the students have a harder time solving exercises which deviates from exercise they have experienced in the past.

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