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Fra Storhed til Fald - en analytisk gennemgang af Steady State modellens historie
Refleksionsprojekt, Bachelor. modul, Sommer 2013, id:287
Vejleder:Martin Niss
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English abstract
This project report explores the different phases that a specific physical model undergoes in its journey from conception to rejection. The purpose of the project is to understand how an idea is conceived, which challenges this idea may face, in the form of knowledge or a lack there of, religion, politics and academic competition, and how the scientist may bear witness to the falling apart of his fundamental belief in the light of new discoveries. The project describes the historical background of the Steady State model, and concurrently considers some of the strengths and weaknesses which defined the model at the time when it was still recognised as a potentially valid model of the universe. Subsequently, the project discusses how an idea for a new model may be attained, as well as the ideas that reinforce the model, and the one idea that ultimately proved the model invalid. Furthermore, the competition that was waged between the Steady State model and the Big Bang model is discussed, in order to achieve an understanding of the ways in which this competition influenced the development of the Steady State model. The project concludes that no definite answer exists as to how the idea for the creation of a new model is attained, as there may be a vast array of reasons for the emergence of an idea. Finally, it is concluded that the competition between the models has only meant that none of the models garnered a significant majority of supporters until scientific experimental substantiation of the Big Bang model was established.

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