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Tube Resonance in the Bulk Transducer
Internt fagligt projekt, 1. modul, 2012, id:282
Vejleder:Tage Emil Christensen
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English abstract
Various experiments with liquids at varying column heights and temperatures were performed using the piezoelectric bulk transducer. The purpose was to understand the relation between the liquid column height in the tube and the unexpected tube resonance frequencies in the region between the Helmholtz frequency and the eigen frequency of the transducer. This would pave the way for a refinement of the existing model of the bulk transducer leading to a better fit for future experiments determining the bulk modulus of liquids in the transducer. Also, it could yield an interesting way to obtain clues about the relation between the thermal expansion and the resonance frequencies under scrutiny. The modelling of the tube resonances proved more complex than first envisioned and a satisfying fit of the obtained data to the suggested models needs further investigation. Also, the assumption that we are dealing with standing waves in the tube may have to be revised. However, the foundation is now laid for further investigation and refinement taking more parameters into account.

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