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Internt fagligt projekt, 2. modul, 2012, id:281
Vejleder:Tina Hecksher
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English abstract
This report deals with the ultra slow relaxation process (USRP) observed in many glass forming liquids. The temperature denpendance of the relaxation process is similar so the structural relaxation process it shows many of the characteristica of diffusion. The relaxation process is interpreted as the diffusion of "dynamic clusters" known as Fischer clusters. A photon correlation spectroscopy experiment is set up with the purpose of observing theese ultra slow relaxation process in the glass forming liquids o-Terphenyl (OTP) and glycerol. Regretably the attempt was unsuccessful, though it should be noted that the experiment correctly determines the diameter of a sample of (formel) nano spheres diluted in water. The reason for the failure is discussed but no concrete conclusion is reached.

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