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Implementering af uformaliserede opgaver i gymnasiet
Bachelorprojekt, 1. modul, 2012, id:277
Vejleder:Martin Niss
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English abstract
The purpose of this project is to illuminate the effects and possibilities for implementing "unformalized problems" in physics education for high school students. This type of problem separates itself from the traditional problems by being open in its description, and therefore these kinds of problems require an active formalizing process. This process translates the everyday description of some physical scenario, into a well-defined system that is ready for further physical and mathematical analysis. This is a task high school students are unfamiliar with. For the investigation of unformalized problems effects and possibilities in high school context, an alternative course in physics has been developed and tested in a high school class within unformalized problems. During this course three ways of collecting data were used. The first was a FCI-test which was given to the students at the start and at the end of the course, to test their conceptual understanding. The second was a didactic analysis of about seven hours of video of the student's attempts at solving these problems. The third and last was a written evaluation from every student, with the students thoughts about and overall experience with the course. The project concludes that it is possible to implement these kinds of problems in a high school context. The students are capable of solving a large part of the problem by them self, and it is relative effortless as the teacher to lead them in the right direction, without handing them the solution to the problem. The FCI-test shows no progression in their conceptual understanding. The student's feedback of the course is positive and it is their impression that the course has indeed taught them physics, which align with our impression of the course.

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