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Frit projekt, 3. modul, 2010, id:267
Vejleder:Kristine Niss
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English abstract
This project involves the introductionary work towards being able to test the hypothesis of existence of invariant isomorphs in strongly correlation viscous liquids. The principle in the experiment is to document the structural invarians along the isomorph using dielectric spectroscopy. Affiliated with this experiment is severel considerations, especially considering the time it takes to apply the change in temperature and pressure, compared to the time of relaxation of the liquid. We conclude that the time of relaxation should be of an order of magnitude ten times larger than the time it takes to perform the jump. Relevant predicted invariant isomorphs are localised, through a fit of measured data to the Vogel-Tammann-Fulcher and Avramov equations. Using these relevant points are determined for the specific experimental setup in the pressure-temperature phase diagram.

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