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Bachelorprojekt, 1. modul, 2010, id:266
Vejleder:Kristine Niss
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English abstract
Experimental studies and modelling of type IIb hydraulic jumps The aim of this project is to study a so far overlooked possible correlation between a physical model describing type IIa hydraulic jumps presented by Ellegaard et al. [1999] and observations of type IIb hydraulic jumps, also known as jumps in the cloverregime, presented by Bush et al. [2006]. The inspiration to do this investigation came from a mathematical study, presented in Hansen et al. [2002] of the model created by Ellegaard et al. [1999], in which solutions resembling structures found in the cloverre- gime are presented. Combining this with the later publication of Bush et al. [2006], we saw an interesting opportunity to study, whether the- se new solutions are able to describe the hydraulic jumps found in the cloverregime. In order to study this we have recreated type IIb hydraulic jumps experimentally and produced the two-leaf clover and three-leaf clover. From these observations we have gathered both quantitative and qualita- tive data, which are compared with an implementation of the model in Matlab. We conclude that the model reproduces certain characteristics found in type IIb hydraulic jumps. It corresponds well to an amount of new observations, but it needs further improvements, before it is able to give more than just qualitative descriptions of the phenomenon.

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