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Opgaveregning og kompetencer i fysik
refleksion, 1 + 3. modul, 2007/2008, id:247
Vejleder:Martin Niss
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English abstract
This report deals with what in physics didactics often is called typical problems (in this report called text book problems). I.e. that kind of problems that is normaly done during education in physics. The common idea of this kind of problems is, that they primarily is training use of formulas and mathematics. Our gouls is to answer what purpose this kind of problems have. To describe how it can be used to learn physics, we have used the commonly accepted competence description of mathematics, to make a corresponding description of physics. With this description we analyze a number of text book problems, and the answers to them made by som students, to decide what competencies that is trained by doing the problems. Further we construct some problems of another type, to test what competencies that has not been trained.

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