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Internt-fagligt, 2. modul, 2007/08, id:243
Vejleder:Tage Emil Christensen
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English abstract
The aim of this project is to investigate if there in the high frequency limit exists a relation between the bulk modulus, (formel), and the shear modulus, (formel), in the liquids propyleneglycol, dipropyleneglycol and tripropyleneglycol. Furthermore we wish to determine if this relation is consistent under various temperature conditions. The frequency dependent bulk and skear moduli are measured from which (formel) and (formel) are determined. This is done through a mechanical system xonsisting of a piezoelectric transducer. The transducer is placed in a cryostat, through which temperature conditions can be controlled. Throughout this project the primary focus is on the method for determining the bulk modulus. As a result of the chosen temperature conditions, we have not been able to achieve usable results. Therefore it has not been possible to establish a relation between (formel) and (formel).

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