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Anomaliers Rolle i Ratikelfysikkens Udvikling - Med udgangspunkt i neutrinohistorien
Refleksion, 1. modul, 2006/07, id:236
Vejleder:Martin Niss
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English abstract
The main purpose of this paper is to achieve insight in the reactions towards the anomalies to understand the influence that reactions have upon the development of particle physics with the neutrino history as a turning point. In answering this, a presentation of the philosophers of science Kuhn, Popper and Lakatos is included and the historic span of the discovery of the neutrino in the period of 1900-1980 is described. The theories from the philosophers of science, forms a foundation for our defintion of an anomaly, and they are used in understanding the reactions. We conclude that the reactions to, and the dissolution of anomalies has changed the praxis of normal science in particle physics in the period beheld. This is seen in the chance that the physicists make when they turn from primarily concentrating on describing known particles, to both describing meanwhile focusing on finding new particles.

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