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Lava Dreams
Modelprojekt, . modul, 2002, id:220
Vejleder:Carsten Lunde Petersen
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English abstract
In the report at hand the two-component flow af a lava-lamp is simulated. The level set approach is being used to handle the free surface and to compute the surface tension to be used in Navier-Stokes equation. The implementation of the level set function in the modules of Femlab, a finite elemts based program, is described. We conclude that the level set approach os well fit to iterate the position of the dynamic surface and to compute its curvature. In the present imolemantation the level set function distributes the surface forces over a broad band in both sides of the free surface. However, the dynamics if the level set function does not secure constant width of the band, which give rise to nonphysical surface forces in i regions where the level set function is being seriously deformed.

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