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Internt-faglig, 2. modul, sommer 2004, id:219
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English abstract
The RMC-model is a lattice model of a viscous liquid, where each particle is assigned a unique energy landscape. The equilibrium-dynamic of the model is investigated through MonteCarlo-simulations, where only nearest-neighbour jumps and no overlapping of particles is allowed. Simulations were made for three different densities for a number of temperatures. At high densities and low temperatures the model exhibits non-exponential relaxation in the energy correlationfunction and fragility-plots of the temperature dependent diffusion constant and of relaxation times show non-Arrhenius behaviour. A monitoring of time-development of distribution of particle-displacement shows, that a Gaussian approximation is reasonable at high temperatures in all densities, while gradual shift towards a "broader" distribution, where som particles remain trapped for long times, while others are very mobile, is seen with decreasing temperature. These results lead to the conclusion, that the model captures some of the important charactaristics of a viscous liquid.

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