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Refleksion, 1. modul, 2004/05, id:212
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English abstract
This project treats the subject of which skills we find to be realistic and desired for students taking physics on a compulsory high schools level to obtain during a period of studies when working with vibrations in wineglasses. The relevance of these competencies is alsom treated. On this basis a study period was developed and tested on second year students whose ability to gain the desired competencies was evaluated. During the development of the study period we found it desirable and realistic that the students should be able to develop competencies in their frame of thinking, using experiments, reasoning, and modelling from this study period. A number of goals for the students were set in order to evaluate the students gain from the study period. For each of these goals a desirable level of understanding was defined using Blooms taxonomy. By testing the study period we experienced that the student did not quite reach the desired levels of understanding set by our goals. Thus we must conclude that the students did not develop the desired competencies from our study perod. One of the reasons for this could be lack of basic understanding from the students and their problems using mathematics ind a physics context. Also the student experienced problems expressing themselves using the correct terms and symbols. On the basis of this we have learned that in this kind of study period mathematical and communication competencies should also be in focus.

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