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Speciale, 3. modul, 2003, id:197
Vejleder:Jeppe Dyre, fysik og Stig Andur Petersen, filosofi
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English abstract
This extended essay integrates a philosphical and a physical treatment of statistical mechanics. The purpose is to give a perspective on the problems in the foundation og statistical mechanics, specifically regarding the possibility of reducing macroscopic level of description to a consequence of the microscopic level of description. Wtih basis in the book Foundations of Complex-system Theories by Sunny Auyang the statistical mechnical methods are described philosophically bythe theory of sciences tgrough a general treatment of many-body system theory. This is done with the intention of clarifying the theoretical treatment of the relationship between the microscopic and the macroscopic descriptions of composite systems. The method is put into perspective by descriptions of Onsagers reciprocal relations and Kubos interpretation of the FD-theorem which are theories for microscopic descriptions of macroscopic irreversible processes. The conclusion is that the microscopic reversibility is consistent with the macroscopic irreversibility through the application of coarsegraining and that the reduction of the macroscopic level to a consequence of the microscopic dynamics is impossible. Ti is added that microscopic descriptions of macroscopically irreversible processes can be approximated not to produce entropy, from which follows that the macroscopic level can be left out or be described as the consequence of the microscopic interpretation of systems. This reduction is done on the account of the concept of entropy.

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